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From inception, our team of developers and creators have grown both in skills and numbers Our ecosystem maintains highly functional communication across the team and encourages a free-flow of ideas,knowledge and creativity.

All our verticals, from web designing to Augmented reality, are being handled by the team at a single location, which makes it possible to isolate, debug and test projects with maximum efficiency.

  • Present

    Rebranding of company. New stakeholders on board to assist with governance and commercial activities. Relocation of office to Smart City Kochi, India and setting up of our first overseas office in Dubai, UAE.

  • 2017

    Setting of an artificial intelligence lab and initiating research and development on augmented reality.

  • 2016

    Started working on Around, our first venture into augmented reality. Team started acquiring new skills in machine intelligence and computer vision.

  • 2015

    Alliances with Busy Bits, an Australian technological company, Orane Intelli Solutions Bangalore - a real estate company, as their technological counterpart, and with EyneTech Solutions as their technology partner. Team expanded in skills and numbers to service these clients.

  • 2014

    We were a startup.

Our mission

To identify, process, acquire and build with, technologies and people, create magical products with computer vision, machine learning and state of the art tools, that change the way people discover, share and commute.

Our philosophy

Enabled by technology we as engineers, innovators, creators and builders in this snapshot of history, we strive to move the dial on human knowledge, experience and perception with beautiful designs, innovative products and distinguishable services. We create new worlds in code.

Our vision

To become the forerunner in the field of visual technologies that foresees the convergence and eventual dissolution of Virtual and Physical worlds, and thus change the way people look and the world, interact with it and harness information from it.

Our  Technologies

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