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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows people and businesses manipulate the camera space around them, add context-aware visual elements and models to enhance experience, interaction and retail promotion. In the medical field augmented visualisation has immense potential, both in terms of education, patient management and diagnosis.



Augmented reality technology can add value and drive ROI in the retail industry

  •   Easy In-store product visualisation.
  •   Colour and texture variants in a few clicks.
  •   Customers can place commodities in their own homes. Eg : Furniture
  •   Allows optimization of in store display
  •   High customer interaction leads to better ROI.


  •   Schools and content creators can add augmented visualization to enhance content in text books and online media.
  •   This, upon being looked by the students through camera, can show graphical and detailed 3D models popping out of their textbooks.


  •   Businesses such as malls and showrooms can place highly intuitive , playful and interactive virtual models through AR.
  •   Allows users to take photos and videos with virtual contents and easily share them on social media, adding to brand culture and awareness.

Machine learning

Machine learning (ML) lets businesses automate tedious workflows with precision, classify insights to generate analytics, as well as learn and predict consumer behavior to enable smart suggestions.


Retail and sales

Our machine learning algorithms sorts out patterns in consumer data to predict:

  •   Shopping trends and spending habits to provide personalized shopping experience and smart promotions.
  •   Chatbots in websites to drive customer interaction.


App developers can integrate ML into their apps to:

  •   Efficiently sort out user patterns to make smart decisions.
  •   Forecast feature releases depending on user behavior.
  •   Efficient recommendation engines and suggestion algorithms.
  •   Personalized content curation for better user experience.

Smart retail in-store insights

  •   Anticipate customer expectations better by segmenting store layouts according to consumer demographics and preferences.
  •   Provide deep insights and smart analytics to enhance customer experience.
  •   These machine learning systems Transform work and boost productivity, enhance customer experience and deliver accurate and reliable results in both attended and unattended processes.

App development

We have an ebullient team of Android, iOS and hybrid developers who develop mobile applications in a time-bound and cost-effective manner. Intensive testing procedures ensures creation of robust applications.



We build secure and appealing e-commerce applications across wide range of technologies such as Android, iOS and hybrid; as well as its complete stack, back-end infrastructure management as well as hosting, management and security, all done by our highly skillful, cross functional team in one location.

Social Apps

We can take an idea from its inception, brainstorm out of the box, and determine design principles and user psychology to handcraft lightning fast apps at scale in all major platforms. We do highly scalable and manageable dockerized back-ends for stability and agility.

Utility Apps

anything from transportation, inventory management, content management and learning management, we do it all.

Digital Branding

From designing striking websites that change perception, our team takes it all the way up the slush pile by providing everything related to designing, SEO and deployment services so that your digital presence is scalable , while adhering to industrial standards.


Web development

In this digital age, a web portal is the forefront of your business. We can handcraft a beautiful, tailor-fit website just for you. It adds impeccable value to your business as well as it enhances your customer conversion rate. We, at ProxNtelli Labs understand how valuable your business is to you and we strive to nurture it with all the resources we have.


Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role in promoting your business and reaching out to people. Flagging your presence in the map of the WEB is as important as your business domain. You need to move UP in the query results, consistently and efficiently. Our cross-functional SEO team does this for you.


We provide flexible hosting services for businesses and people. We can rent out and manage cloud infrastructure to meet your front-end demands regardless of whether it is an app, website or portal. We provide private, shared and dedicated servers and associated services with maximum flexibility. We are also resellers of SSL certificates that protects your infrastructure in the internet.